Japan Ski & Culture Holiday 2017/2018: Highlights & Tips

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05 Dec Japan Ski & Culture Holiday 2017/2018: Highlights & Tips

Are you ready for a fun and exciting culture shock?! Japan is going to knock your socks off with crazy fashion, Harajuku girls, wacky food, vending machine dinners, immaculately groomed ski runs and of course mad powder snow. Japan is famous for its skiing and its culture. The Japanese cuisine is like nothing you have ever tried before, the fashion is like nothing you have ever seen before, and the powder is like nothing you have ever skied before!

So if you and your school are thinking of taking a trip to Japan for the 2017/2018 ski season, then read on to find out the best tips and highlights of travelling to Japan.

Choosing A Resort

There are two main towns in Japan that boast world-famous skiing. They are Niseko and Hakuba, where the ski season peaks in January and February. Each Niseko and Hakuba has something different to offer, and so the choice is yours:

Niseko and Hakuba, the choice is yours.


Many people like to call Niseko ‘Little Australia’. This resort town was built by an Australian man and so there is a heavy Aussie influence. You can find, Aussie restaurants and plenty of English speaking hosts. During peak season, this little town turns into a bustling city with festivals, ski competitions, parties, night skiing and so much more. This ski area is very close to the accommodation and suited to those who want to ski all day. Don’t worry you will still feel very much like you are in Japan.


Hakuba is known as the local’s mountain. This is a traditional Japanese area where most hotels provide Onsens (hot springs), and green tea flows from a tap at your dinner table. The resorts in Hakuba feel snowboarder friendly so you can jump, rail and trail all day long. For those who ski, Hakuba has some great tree skiing and off-piste skiing. This ski area is suited to those who want to immerse themselves in Japanese culture.

Cultural Experiences of a lifetime

There is so much to do in Japan, and this list is endless. We have tried to cut it back to the very best Japanese cultural experiences that will create memories to last a lifetime.

Stay with a Japanese host family

The best way to experience Japan is to stay with a local family. Staying with a Japanese host family will open up your eyes to the way the Japanese people live, their mannerisms, their traditions, their food and their language. The Japanese love gifts, Don’t forget to bring your host family a gift from home like a stuffed koala bear or a jar of vegemite.

Get naked in an Onsen

Japanese winters are cold, and so the local people have a secret way of staying warm. The Japanese use the heat from geothermal rock to heat Onsens. These traditional Japanese hot springs have been used for centuries for their relaxing and healing properties. However, you can’t be shy in an Onsen because you are going to have to get naked! (While most Onsens are nude some are suitable for those who prefer to wear bathers)

Slurp noodles at a noodle bar

Slurping is a common practice in Japan, and it’s polite to slurp your noodles. So if you have Misophonia (fear of mouth noises) then block your ears because in most restaurants you are going to hear the sluuuuurping of noodles. So get loud and give it a go.

Visit the Tokyo Imperial Palace

Enough fun for one day, its time to do something educational. The Tokyo Imperial Palace is an impressive collection of buildings that housed the emperors and empresses of Japan for hundreds of years. Explore the surrounding parks, lakes and buildings.


Put on your most crazy outfit and visit the Harajuku district, which is famous for its wild fashion. Take photos with Harajuku girls and shop till you drop. And don’t forget to try all the colourful desserts!

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