School Trip Destinations for Australian High Students


09 Nov School Trip Destinations for Australian High Students

There’s a big wide world out there, that has never been so easily accessible. Australian high school students nowadays have the fantastic opportunity to go abroad as part of a group: Educational, cultural overseas trips are hugely beneficial to students’ skill set, mindset and confidence levels.

But what are the best excursion destinations for high school students from Australia? Well, it depends on what you’re after. Even though Australia is pretty far away from most of the world, flights to far-flung destinations are only getting cheaper and more readily available – meaning that the world is your oyster!

japan-school-ski-trip-300x199 School Trip Destinations for Australian High Students

Mt. Fuji Japan

Japan Cultural & Ski Trips

With flights from Sydney at just over 9 hours, it’s not far to Japan’s capital, Tokyo. From this entry point, it’s possible to travel to the ski slopes for a snowy adventure, both Niseko in the north island of Hakaido and Hakuba in the south island are popular ski trip destinations. Combine this with a journey around the culturally significant cities of Tokyo, Kyoto or Hiroshima to learn about Japan’s important history and its cultural role on the global stage nowadays. An itinerary can involve the best of both sports and culture. If you’re heading on a ski trip, don’t forget to bring snow-appropriate clothes – if culture’s more your thing, try to engage in the Japanese language. Don’t forget your Japanese phrase book.

the-sistine-chapel-300x185 School Trip Destinations for Australian High Students

The Sistine Chapel, Vatican City

School Trips To Italy

Many people visit Italy for food, but there’s plenty of cultural opportunities for Australian high school students as well. Visit the ‘country within a city’ of the Vatican City, marvel at the ancient Colosseum in Rome or take a trip around the destroyed city of Pompeii for an unforgettable reminder of the severity of natural disasters. School tours to Italy can also enjoy wandering the streets of Florence or whisking themselves away on one of the canals of Venice: all of which have intriguing tales to tell, whether they be historical, political or architectural. Important items to take to Italy include clothes for hot or cold weather (depending on which season you’re going in) and if you’re visiting in the summer, don’t forget your sunscreen and long sleeve tee shirt.

the-great-wall-china-school-trip-300x199 School Trip Destinations for Australian High Students

The Great Wall Of China

School Trips To China

We have all heard of the Great Wall of China but only the lucky get to see it in real life. With tourism to China becoming more and more accessible, a lot of schools are opting to take their students on a school excursion to the Oriental country. China boasts vast, chaotic cities which are absolutely brimming with history, impressive geological sites and a challenging yet worthwhile language to learn. When you’re getting ready to go to China, don’t forget a Mandarin phrasebook and comprehensive guidebook, as well as season appropriate clothing like a soft shell jacket – China has a very dramatic climate!

football-461340_1280-300x200 School Trip Destinations for Australian High Students

Experience American Football

School Trips To USA

There’s plenty to do in the USA for school excursions of all subjects; whether you’re studying history, geography or politics you will without a doubt find a site of interest here! One of the most popular reasons to visit the USA for Australian students is to get involved in the diverse array of sports on offer. If you’re packing for a sports trip to the USA, some things not to forget are your rugby jumper and one of your schools’ custom hoodies. Australia and the US have some great sporting competitions throughout the year, so you’ll find something to meet your sporting desires at some point.

queenstown-school-skin-trip-300x200 School Trip Destinations for Australian High Students

Queenstown, New Zealand

School Trips To New Zealand

Cheap flights and only 3 hours from the east coast make New Zealand one of the most visited excursion locations for both private and public school trips from Australia. Beautiful national parks, breath-taking glaciers and awe-inspiring nature mean that there are many reasons to visit our friendly neighbours in New Zealand. Many schools take to the slopes of the South Island for the annual school ski trip. Mt Hutt, Coronet Peak and The Remarkables (close to Queenstown international airport) are the top picks for school visits. Often it can work out to be cheaper than visiting the Aussie ski fields. Other excursions prefer to traverse the many paths of the North Island. And of course, there’s an intriguing Maori culture and a pulsating atmosphere of the cities of Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington to take in. If you’re planning a trip to New Zealand, especially if it’s in the winter, a soft shell jacket or custom design hoodie like the ones offered by Memory Threads would be a great pre-trip buy.

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