Things students should remember when attending a sporting or overseas trip

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22 Sep Things students should remember when attending a sporting or overseas trip


With summer well on its way, many schools are planning sporting trips. You may be taking part in a surf camp on the Gold Coast, climbing cliffs in the Grampians or maybe even heading to Japan for a school ski trip. There is so much to remember in the run-up to the trip. From making sure that you have given in all the necessary forms and details to purchasing the best snacks for the journey and organising custom Hoodies or jackets, here’s a list of the best things to remember when taking part in a school sporting trip.

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Hand in all the necessary forms

You’ll have given in some information when your trip is announced, but a lot of the time, forms are staggered. Be sure to hand in your forms on time and provide as much detail as possible. Make sure that your trip organizer is not left guessing at any information. Particularly your size height and weight as often clothing or equipment is custom ordered or hired and you want to make sure you get a nice fit. You don’t want this to lead to difficulties when the trip begins. Also, ensure that you meet the payment schedule for the trip.

Create a packing list early on, so nothing is forgotten

There’s certainly going to be some things that you won’t want to be forgetting; including swimwear for any beachside events, a nice warm hoody or jacket and beanie, the clothes that you always climb in, or a powerful head torch for night-time excursions. Jotting down a detailed packing list ahead of time will ensure that you don’t forget any essential items. Double check your list with classmates it’s a great way of being sure you are prepared. If you are on an overseas school trip don’t forget your passport!

Think about healthy snacks

You’ll no doubt have a bit of a journey to get there, and you might want to take some of your own food to sustain yourself while at the destination. While it can be tempting to stock up on chips and chocolate, these snacks will make you feel lethargic and nauseous. Sporting trips require a lot of energy, so save some space in your bag for nutritional snacks including dried fruit, nuts and cereals. The amount of these that you take should depend on the nature of your trip and the availability of other foods. If you are heading overseas you will be in for a treat as you may find lots of different food that you have never eaten before.

Research the destination

It’s always good to know your destination. Research what the expected weather will be. It’s hard to imagine the snow and how cold it will be when you are coming from warm Queensland. If you are going to a country that speaks a different language like Japan or China it is always great to know a few basic words in the local language like please and thank you… the more the better. Generally, you will find that everyone will be very hospitable. Don’t be shy to ask your group leader or teacher lots of questions as they have often done a similar trip with previous year groups.

Organise your group a custom hoodie, soft shell jacket or Long sleeve Tee

One aspect of school sporting and cultural trips that many students enjoy to arrange for the trip custom Hoodies or jumpers. Memory threads are the experts for this, with a range of hoodie and soft shell jackets styles and the option to customise designs or send your own design. We stock classic hoodies, zipper Hoodies, tall hoodies, soft shell jackets, L/S tee’s, polo’s, rugby jumpers and have an online gallery of free customizable designs. Either select one of these and add your school’s name and trip destination or send us something of your own. To check our price range, click here. Free delivery and a free hoodie for the organizer for orders of 25 or more garments.


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