Tips On How To Design Your 2019 School Leaver’s Hoodies

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25 Jan Tips On How To Design Your 2019 School Leaver’s Hoodies

2019 School leaver’s hoodies

Being the organizer of the 2019 school leaver’s hoodies is a tough gig. Everyone is relying on you to get it right. But don’t stress because we do this all the time and we are happy to help you create the best hoodies yet! There are a number of ways to organize your senior’s hoodies. So to get started, here are a few tips to help you get your year 12 hoodies underway.


  1. Choose your style

Custom Hoodie, tall hoodie, Premium hoodie, soft shell jacket, spray jacket, polo shirt, tall tee, long sleeve tee.


  1. Check out our online design lab


Did you know that we have an online design lab?! Well, we do and it’s awesome. You can create your custom hoodie online and see exactly how it will turn out before you order it. Simply head to the MT Design Lab and choose the type of hoodie, jumper or jacket you want, the colour, the logo (we have a selection of pre-made logos here) and taglines. Create, share with your class you will be able to see what your school leaver’s hoodie will look like before you even order it.


  1. Get in touch with one of our designers


At Memory Threads, we offer free our in-house professional designer who can help you with all your design needs. Just provide a concept brief to our designer and they will be able to recommend colours, prints and custom designs. If you know what you want but can’t quite create it yourself simply contact us or click here and our designer will be in touch with you shortly at no extra charge!


  1. Hold a competition


Competitions can be fun especially if you have some keen artist in your year. Hold a competition for the best custom hoodie design! All you need to do is announce that the school leaver’s hoodie design will be chosen through a competition. Entries can either be hand drawn or designed on the computer and they should include the hoodie colour, logo colours, design and wording. Then place all the entries in a common area and ask everyone to vote on the best design. The design with the most votes is the winner!


  1. Process of elimination


Do some research and gather together a bunch of the best leavers hoodie designs you can find. Ask your classmates to come up with designs as well. Then place them in a common area with a piece of paper underneath. Your classmates can then comment and vote on the ones they like and don’t like. Take the notes and votes and reduce all designs down to the best three. Make more revisions if required and then have a final vote where the best design is chosen.


Once you have chosen your design, you have the numbers and sizes get in touch with an obligation free quote. Then… it’s time to place your 2019 seniors hoodie order! The easiest way to place your order is on our website. Once the order has come through on our side we create a final artwork approval sign off sheet so you can double check before going to print. Sit back and relax your class will have their 2019 School leaver’s hoodies in only 3 to 4 weeks.


BONUS: Shipping is FREE of charge and as a thank you for being the organiser, your hoodie will be absolutely FREE!



For more information on how to order, CLICK HERE.

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