Year 10 and 12 Leavers Hoodies and jackets

School leavers jumpers and jackets

09 Oct Year 10 and 12 Leavers Hoodies and jackets

Year 12 custom hoodies

Are you leaving school this year? There will no doubt be a few thousand things running through your mind. “How will my finals go?” “Have I got everything that I need for schoolies week?” Or maybe even “How on earth am I now a fully functioning adult?”


The end of school can feel a tad overwhelming, and ordering your Year 10 year 12 Leavers Hoodies maybe the furthest thing from your mind. But in future years your hoodie will be one of the only souvenirs you’ll have from your last year at school. Everyone’s nic name on the back will leave you with fond memories of each of your school friends, and the sight of your school logo will immediately remind you of your favourite lesson, unforgettable teachers, or hilarious lunch breaks with schoolmates.


So, be sure not to leave ordering your year 12 custom hoodie until it’s too late. At Memory Threads, we offer a range of sizes – from extra small to extra tall hoodies. Styles and designs are unlimited. We provide cheap Hoodies that are high quality. Or for only a few dollars extra you can impress everyone with a premium quality jumper. If you really want the latest in hoodie fashion, we have the taller cut long line hoodie with thumb holes, media pocket and zips on the pouch made from a premium weight fleece. This way you can be sure to have an awesome hoodie to fit any budget.


Not only are the hoodies a sentimental piece, but they’re a great addition to your wardrobe as well. Made of a comfy fleece blend and sporting a double lined hood, they’re incredibly cosy and versatile. Our Hoodies are ideal for travelling or to snuggle into during colder winter nights.

We offer Hoodies, soft shell jackets, polo shirts, rugby jumpers.

If you don’t want a traditional style hoodie, we offer soft shell jackets, polo shirts or long sleeve tees. (Even spray jackets and coaches jackets on our other website: The Hoodie Co.) These can all be decorated with your school’s logo or a custom design. And speaking of logos, we have stack of cool designs in our portfolio – and if you want your own custom design that’s no problem, we offer a free graphic design service as well. Our prices include free screen print or embroidery front design on your hoodie, jacket, polo or long sleeve tee. Print placement is unlimited. Nicknames are a popular option for the back of your hoodie, which can be up to 12 characters long. Use one of our designs and customise it in our Design Lab. Or send us your concept, and we will bring your idea to life.


We understand there is a lot of responsibility and big decisions placed on the organiser. (It’s been described as similar to trying to heard cats!) As a way of saying a big thanks for devoting your time and effort to organise your class hoodie, the organiser will receive one free garment – a great incentive to organise your Year 10 year 12 Leavers Hoodies before anyone else in your school does! Our garments are all priced at an order of 25, with discounts for 50+ hoodies or jackets. Memory Threads also offer lots of different types of back print embroidery and nicknames, which are priced accordingly. Our minimum order is 10 garments (small surcharge applies for under 25 garments) as we like to offer even the smaller schools our Hoodies and jackets. Free delivery and transparent pricing make it much easier to organise your end of school hoody or jacket.

Easy to organise a free no obligation quote

It’s a super quick order process and easy to organise a free no obligation quote on the memory threads website – just put together your desired style, colour and logo. Submit it to us for a quote. Then, you’ll see your design come to life as the leaver’s hoodie is put together virtually. Allow just three to four weeks until your product is delivered free of charge, to anywhere in Australia! If you require a faster turn around just let us know as we have been known to deliver in under 10 days! We are currently supplying 2019 and 2020 end of year school leavers jumpers and hoodies Australia wide including Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Gold coast and all towns in between.


So what are you waiting for? Take a study break (you deserve it!) and start organising your high-quality souvenir year 12 leaver’s Hoodies or jumpers for of your last year of school.


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